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Product Content Services Oceania

Product Content Service

Web content is the first conversation you will have with your customer. It has to reach new audiences. Engage, inform and entice them.

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We perform a detailed review of your current data – whether it’s ERP, e-commerce, or both – and provide a comprehensive analysis around its quality, consistency, standardization, categorisation levels, and SEO. Our analysis points out opportunities to improve upon your data.  

Content Creation Service

Product Copy

Product copy services encompass creation of product names, descriptions, feature/benefit statements, package contents information and population of product specifications. Our product records are designed to first drive consumers to your site from search engines, then instill confidence through correct and complete product information on the path to purchase, increasing conversion rates. 

Long and Short Descriptions

A well-written product description is brief enough to prevent a consumer from moving on too quickly, yet extensive enough to provide the consumer that extra edge of assurance in making a solid purchasing decision.Our Product Short descriptions state the most sale-worthy details about a product in 1 to 2 sentences.

Attribute Normalization

Product specifications are the building blocks of quality content creation. We work establish an acceptable normalization rules for attribute values and then normalize existing attribute collections to accommodate the newly defined requirements. We verify  received from vendors and manufacturers, ensuring that it is accurate.

Hierarchy Attribute Design

Attribute Modeling

Build your brand on the solid bedrock of a fully realized collection taxonomy created for you by us.Our process in building your complete product attribute catalog is flexible and adaptive to your unique systematic and preference requirements, allowing for customization to suit any display standards in place today.

Hierarchy Design

Let your web display hierarchy be a beacon of clarity to your savvy consumers who are looking for a specific product. We create optimized, intuitive product hierarchies to support a streamlined user experience and ensure your customers find the product or product type they seek. 

Faceted Navigation

Our standard taxonomy and attribute model creation services include the definition of all category-faceting attributes in our deliverables, though we also provide evaluation and redefinition services for existing site facets, with comprehensive recommendations for streamlining the navigation of your site.

Want to learn more?

We would love to hear about your project and possibly be your partner. Follow the link  bellow to get in touch!

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