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Agile Software Development Practise @ Oceania Software Solutions


Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising, cross-functional teams utilizing the appropriate practices for their context.

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Industries need to be running at digital speed in order to leap ahead in today’s world.Our in house experts have Agile embedded in the core of their DNA. This makes them instinctively capable of helping our clients introduce and adapt Agile concepts using tailor-made solutions that meet business requirements.We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.


Scrum Methodology & Feedback loop

By using Scrum, you’ll become more Agile, discovering how to react more quickly and respond more accurately to the inevitable change that comes your way. And by staying focused, collaborating, and communicating, you can accomplish what truly needs to be done successfully

Devops practise
Kanban Board

Kanban offers planning flexibility all along the process chain.The Kanban methodology relies upon full transparency of work and real-time communication of capacity, therefore the Kanban board should be seen as the single source of truth for the team's work.

Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise

Developing your transformation strategy is no small task. Our scaled agile academy can help prepare your enterprise organization for success by providing a proven transformation roadmap that gets everyone onboard with the transformation.


Agile governance at the program/project level
Agile operating & goveranance model

One does not simply transform an organisation to Agile.At the transformation level, it is important to provide support for teams as they encounter challenges for adopting Agile.

Agile governance at the team level the SCRUM methodology provides a set of useful governance elements which you should leverage, adopt and adapt:

  • Sprint reviews

  • Sprint planning

  • Retrospectives

  • Team-based estimations

Additionally, you can use our Agile maturity models and Agile metrics for teams to evaluate themselves and their progress in maturing their Agile practices. Good coaches can help teams in this evaluation without being judgmental. Hire an Agile Coach now

Agile coaching

We serve Agile coach-leaders at all levels who are on a path toward Agile transformation mastery, from ScrumMasters to Agile Coaches to Enterprise Coaches. 

We have a coaching plan for every situation,

Kick Start Coaching

Get a team/organisation started with Agile. Our coaches take Agile theory and apply it to your organisation’s projects, dependencies, challenges, capacity, resources. Kick start coaching can be used for sprint 0 to plan and prepare or for sprint 1 to start the first sprint.

Embedded Coaching

Coaches works along side teams to mentor and guide the Agile transformation. Embedded coaching ensures teams get started the right way, with guidance from a senior Agile expert to make sure the right Agile “muscles” are developed to minimize frustration and maximize success.

Just in Time Coaching

Coaching for organisations that require a leaner approach. Coaches are made available for the most critical parts of the Agile transformation – typically for the key planning sessions, retrospectives, leadership discussions, and scaling. Remote coaching are also available to fill in any gaps or questions.

Agile coachingn grid

Want to learn more?

We would love to hear about your project and possibly be your partner. Follow the link  bellow to get in touch!

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